A Session of Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Practice

what is it?

As I perceive it today, this practice allows you to focus completely on your health, which is uniquely yours. The sum of your experiences brought you to your way of life today. This infinitely complex, intelligent and creative process was supported at its origin by a capacity for health, a vitality inherent to every living being. It is also in connection with its environment. Sometimes internal structures for survival were set up, and sometimes these are not necessary anymore afterwards. To undo, to redo, to organize and to reorganize your health system, review takes place all the time. The Cranio-Sacral sessions allow you to shed light onto this process, to accompany it with a subtle care.

The sessions help to illuminate this process, to accompany it with a subtle and totally benevolent care, an unfailing listening. The purpose of this truly engaged work together will be to lead you to a capability to resource and sustain yourself in a stable and dynamic way, partly conscious and partly unconscious, in the journey of your existence.

how does it happen ?

You will have the greatest benefit of an accompaniment over time, with sessions usually spaced from 2 to 4 weeks apart. Of course, this will be planned together and adjusted at any time according to the development of your feeling.

You are free at any time to place breaks or to decide the termination of the accompaniment.
It can also happen sometimes that the need arises for a few sessions on a specific theme or need; for example an occasional distress.

The first session begins with a verbal exchange to gather information about your health, your needs or expectations, the reason for your coming to see me. This exchange allows us to define together an approach and a starting point. It is also an inventory, which will then continue with an inventory of your physical sensations during the session.

Then, for most of each session, the patient remains lying fully clothed on his or her back, or in another comfortable position. The practitioner, through a very light and fine touch, listens to the body, and through the body takes into account the whole person. Often the touch begins at the ankles, skull or the base of the spine.
Depending on the development of the session, and because the body as a whole will interact with this contact, the practitioner can bring his or her attention to other body parts, which might not seem to need focus according to your present symptoms, but which are implicated nonetheless.
Body tensions or interferences that prevent the patient’s system from orienting itself towards its inherent health capacity are thus addressed, heard.
Infinitely subtle internal movements can generate new perspectives, and, as time goes by, lead to a return to a strong health base with intelligent and lively adaptability.

A verbal exchange closes the meeting. Expression of the sensations and changes experienced during the session possible at all times.

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